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Stress is the most common reason people seek my help but as great as massage is, it's temporary. Out in the real world life keeps happening. People are so busy that they end up putting themselves last until the stress and pain force them to slow down.  

I've been there. Not that long ago I was so burnt out from the constant doing that I had gotten totally out of touch with myself. I felt like adding one more thing to my plate would break me but I kept pushing through because things had to get done. I finally decided enough is enough and got help. Through coaching I learned how to befriend my body rather than bending it to my will, how to rewire my brain so that limiting beliefs no longer control my life, and how to step into my life with a boldness that I could only dream of before. 

Coaching has transformed my life so now it's my mission to help my clients find this same clarity. Audre Lorde said it best, "Caring for myself is not self-indulgence. It is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare." I know you have so much to give but how can you show up fully for others when you are so run down? It's my job to support you in coming into your unique brilliance. The world needs you. It's time to be intentional with your life.

I've developed tools to help you get aligned mind, body and spirit so that you can create the life you really want. There's no hocus pocus here. You get out what you put in. We work together to tap into your inner knowing, learn to really listen to your body, and trust yourself. Aren't you curious what life would be like off the hamster wheel of endless doing? What's on the other side is being. And it's nothing short of revolutionary.

for those ready to take control of their health,  fall in love with their bodies, and celebrate this life 



I've always loved animals & have had some great furry companions but none like Buster. This pupper is my best friend, my familiar, and the goofiest lil earth angel ever!

This guy


When it comes to the Queen, aka Dolly Parton, I love it all...Her music. Her heart. Her wigs. Her jokes. And dressing up like her! I've won 2 Dolly look alike contests. 



Celebrating cultures through immersing myself in them. Getting to know myself through getting to know the world. Especially with this handsome husband of mine!



The Faves 

I am a New Orleanian, afterall! I believe in balance in all things and that includes flavor profiles. There's a certain alchemy in mixology that can hit all the right notes.

a well crafted cocktail


A sunset, a shifting of the tides, a personal revelation...The times of movement in nature and in ourselves are just so special!

the magic of Transition


Love expresses itself in so many ways when we just show up.

It's all about our people, Y'all!


The Faves

This is the 1st, the wildest & the wisest thing that I know: that the soul exists & is built entirely out of Attentiveness.
       ~Mary Oliver

We are all so beautifully unique. Each one of us has a relationship to our body that is shaped by the individual experiences of our lives- the physical, the psychological, the energetic, the inter-personal, the societal. Everything in our lives shapes how we feel in our bodies. It is the greatest lie of our modern world is that body, mind and soul are separate. This lie divides us from our true selves, divides us from each other and keeps us running in circles of dissatisfaction and stress. It is my personal mission to help people return to their own center, and find their own "true north" through embodiment and whole self-integration. There is this magical moment of transformation that happens when a client really gets into their body whether it's on the massage table or in a coaching conversation, I can see the glow rise up from them; there's a palpable energetic shift. I live for that moment!

for the dreamers, the seekers, and the ones who never give up

from within

REAL health comes