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Pura Vida Massage Therapy Expertise

I began my massage journey at the renowned Heartwood Institute, nestled in the beautiful mountains of Northern California where I received a dual degree in Advanced Massage Therapy and Somatic Therapy in 1999. Over the years, I have consistently furthered my education.  I believe it is my responsibility to stay informed to better serve my clients but in truth I am simply fascinated by all things body-mind!

Each session is specifically tailored to the client at that moment and I prepare long-term treatment plans to enhance the benefits of our  work.   I believe in clients innate ability to self-heal so I am always at the ready with advice on stretching, life-style changes and breath and meditation coaching.   My education in each of these areas is extensive and I use all the tools I can to create the best possible experience for all of my clients.

In many spas you will be rushed in and out because they schedule a 50 minute hour and only allow their therapists the interim 10 minutes to clean the room and greet their next client.  I despise the 50 minute hour model.  With me you will receive a full 60 or 90 minutes, as long as you arrive on time, and we will have time to discuss any questions you may have afterwards because I schedule myself plenty of time to take care of my clients in the best way possible.

Massage is a powerful tool in your health regime.  It reduces stress,  which has been established as a major contributor to disease and disorder in the body.  Massage also regulates blood pressure and increases circulation, promoting heart health.  It stimulates the lymphatic system which increases our immunity.  Endorphins, the body’s natural pain-killers, and serotonins, the happy hormones, are both released in response to massage. Thus reducing pain of both a physical and psychological nature.  Additionally, massage increases range of motion, joint and muscle flexibility, bringing comfort and reducing the likelihood of injury.  Post injury or surgery, massage can be used to break up scar tissue and reduce swelling.  This is just a teaser of the many health benefits of massage!  I chose to stop there in the interest of space but I think it’s important that people understand that regular massage is not a luxury, it is a conscientious choice to value ourselves and prioritize our own health.  Famous food activist, Michael Pollen says, “Pay your grocer now or pay your doctor later”.  I agree but would add,  invest in your health now through massage and you will see your overall health greatly improve. Better living through better self-care!

About "Pura Vida"

I have a deep affinity for Latin American culture that coincides with both my love of New Orleans and my passion for the healing arts. Awhile back I spent a month in Costa Rica. The locals there use “Pura Vida” much like the Hawaiians use “Aloha”. It’s a greeting and a parting which serves as an affirmation of life. Pura Vida is most accurately translated, in this context, as “live life to it’s fullest”.

I believe in many ways we share those values here in New Orleans. Most importantly though, I believe the only way to embrace the joy of a life fully lived is to comfortably inhabit our own bodies, to take our personal health seriously. I chose to name my business Pura Vida Massage Therapy to promote my belief in better living through better self-care.

Pura Vida,
Amy Robertson, LMT